SUNDRY TRUSTS Administered by The Board of Directors of City Trusts

The Sundry Trusts are comprised of approximately 113 trust funds each administered according to the terms of the benefactor who established the trust.

The administration of such trusts dates back to the creation of the William Carter Fund in 1739 to provide Income "to and for ye use and Service of ye alms houses belonging to ye said City (Philadelphia), and for ye relief of ye poor people in the same forever."

Significant trusts established and administered by the Board of Directors of City Trusts are the John Scott Medal Fund, established in 1816, the Alexander G. Mercer Fund, established in 1884 to provide housing opportunities "to let same to the worthy laboring poor of said City," for information regarding properties available and to request an application to rent contact Real Estate Department, telephone number (215) 568-0440. The Benjamin Franklin Fund, established in 1790 and under terms of the will dissolved in 1990. Some of the trusts provide for fuel assistance in the Winter months. For information regarding application for fuel assistance telephone (215) 665-1811. The majority of the remaining trusts provide for scholarship recognition awards, mummers parade prizes, and assistance to the needy and or ill.

Additional Fund Information:

John Scott Award